Vinum is the result of the love for Italian food and wine.

Vinum Executive Chef and restaurateur Massimo Felici’s passion for food started as a young boy growing up in New York. He started his career in the Restaurant business in Manhattan. Through the following years he kept on moving up the ladder over many other fine Italian establishments in New York such as, Cipriani's, Giambelli, Da Umberto, Meza Luna (in California),  Canastels, and more.
At only 22 years old Massimo then traveled to Florence, Italy where he honed his skills in a few  local trattorias. Soon after he opened his own restaurant in Florence, called "IL Canapone". A very quaint and authentic trattoria with only 35 seats and located very near the beautiful Palazzo Pitti. Till today, one of his most cherished restaurants. After 2 years was named one of the best trattorias in Florence where locals eat in the "A Tavola" magazine.

Then he returned to New York to practice his art in fine restaurants. Massimo helmed the kitchen as executive chef and partner at "Da Vittorio" (which was onwed by Da Umberto's Restaurant family). Soon after, he opened his own trattoria around the corner called Ribollita. Got praises from NY Times, Eric Isimov, New York Magazine, Time Out Mag, and many more.​

Later in the year 2000 he opened La Nonna, a Tuscan restaurant, he got reviewed by William Grimes with great accolades, but sadly had to close after 9/11. He was forced to sell Ribollita due to lease bought out by large development Co.
In the past 10 years Massimo then became one of the best New York City restaurant consultants. Helping dozens of restaurants start their own story. 
For many years he has accumulated much praise for many restaurants and himself. Such as the "White Truffle Award" given to him by the Italian Embassy. He worked with places such as Nino's Tuscany (2.5 starts from Crains) and DeGrezia restaurant (3 stars from Crains magazine) where he led a successful culinary class program for the Italian cook enthusiasts of New York City.

​Later on he moved to Staten Island and he fell in love with it, which reminded him of his old school Brooklyn Italian neighborhood. 

So he proudly introduces you to Vinum where he will be the Consulting Executive Chef. His concept is to offer a fun menu with small dishes, appetizers and an extesive wine list by the glass program.  When he goes out to eat with his family they enjoy sharing small dishes and appetizer, like tapas as their whole meal, he's noticed that many share the same idea. Along with the restaurant's owner he felt Staten Island was missing a place like this so he's confident that Vinum will satisfy this concept.